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I started riding motorcycles way back in 1976. I had a couple "brand X" bikes before purchasing my first Harley-Davidson, a new 1980 Sportster in May, 1980 and have been riding H-D ever since. I bought my next bike, a 1981 FLH Classic in October, 1983. I tried to keep both bikes for a while but had to sell the Sporty in May of '84 (insurance was just killin' me!). My next Hog was a 1984 FLH. Here it is "Undressed" for summer . I bought it in June, 1986 for the belt drive. I rode that one until May, 1992 when I bought this 1992 FLHT Classic. It was the best riding bike I ever had! Then H-D came out with the Road King a couple years later. I always liked that old FLH styling and wanted a Road King from the first time I saw one. When the Twin Cam 88 engine came out in 1999, that gave me a good excuse to finally get one. Since it is highly unlikely that Harley will come out with a model that I will like better, this will probably be my "bike for life."

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