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Bicycling... (yeah, the other two-wheelers)

Please visit my tribute page for my uncle Dickie - my biking "mentor" and main inspiration - who passed away on April 17, 2002 at the far too early age of 62.

OK, so I guess you have to be a real sprocket-head or something to get any enjoyment out of this page. SO if you DO happen to enjoy bicycling in some fashion, here ya go.

Bicycling has been rekindled as another favorite activity in the last couple years. I hate exercise, but I love riding - it's a way to get exercise and still have fun (the fun factor is important!). I am mostly interested in '60s, '70s and '80s vintage Schwinn stuff (but other stuff is cool too). Here are some pictures of some of my "other bikes" - the non-motorized ones:

My (regrettably sold in February 2013) 1973 Schwinn Paramount P-13 "All Campagnolo!"

SOLD in October 2002: 1988 Schwinn 50th Anniversary Paramount "All Campagnolo!"

My 1989 Schwinn "Waterford" Paramount "Campagnolo Equipped!"

My 1981 Schwinn Superior 223 "All Campagnolo!"
OK, it IS now a "Paramount" - I installed a full Campy Super Record Gruppo and a Brooks Professional seat on it. Only the forks & wheel hubs (still Campy GS) keep it from being a Paramount. I even put a Paramount Badge & decals on it. Only the nerdiest of Paramount geeks (like me) would ever know the difference...

My 1972 Schwinn Super Sport. I bought this one new while in High School.

I will undoubtedly add more stuff here sometime just in case you may actually give a rat's ass.

Bicycle Links

Evansville Bicycle Club

Schwinn Bicycle Company (which unfortunately has for all practical purposes ceased to exist. Farewell to a once great true American icon! "Schwinns" - and I use the term now loosely - at Wal-Mart... ARGGH!)

OK, I just saw that Schwinn has come out with a great thing (at least I think so)- a Waterford built 70th Anniversary Paramount! Thanks for this bit of re-assurance, Dorel Industries (current owner of the Schwinn brand).

Waterford Precision Cycles (perhaps the only true link to the old Schwinn company left - this facility was built by Schwinn to build Paramounts and is co-owned by Richard Schwinn)

Campy Only! - for Campagnolo fans.

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